Starbucks Mount Fuji Glass Mug

Starbucks lovers and mug collectors will be happy to know that Sugoi Mart has the ‘Starbucks Mount Fuji Glass Mug.’ It is the perfect drinking vessel for enjoying hot and cold drinks, but users should note that it cannot be put in the microwave or dishwasher.

The mug is beautifully designed as it is modeled and inspired to look like the iconic Japanese volcano Mount Fuji. The volcanic shape is made with a transparent blue-green glass base that moves into a clear top and has a light pink handle. Starbucks is written in a playful gold font to complete the look.

Consumers can purchase the delicate-looking Starbucks Mount Fuji Glass Mug on the Sugoi Mart online store.

Image Credit: Sugoi Mart – Lifestyle Trends

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