Spicy Chicken Tenders : spicy chicken tenders

PDQ, the American QSR restaurant also known as ‘People Dedicated to Quality,’ has launched its newest product, ‘Spicy Chicken Tenders.’ Earlier this year, PDQ unveiled the ‘Hot & Crispy’ turkey and chicken sandwiches. These products were seasonal and well-received, leading PDQ to now release spicy chicken tenders to supplement its spicy menu.

Available in packs of three, four, or five tenders, spicy chicken tenders are a great option for a snack-sized taste of quality chicken without the hassle of ordering a full burger. Chicken nuggets are increasingly popular with the younger generation of consumers, and chicken tenders are one step up in quality from nuggets. These spicy chicken tenders are a quality, spicy-flavored competitor to other QSR brands’ chicken nugget and tender products.

The PDQ spicy chicken tenders will be available in locations across the U.S on November 30th.

Image Credit: PDQ – Lifestyle Trends

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