Spherical Self-Watering Pots : Sweet Basil Self-Watering Globe

Gardening can be tricky, but the ‘Sweet Basil Self-Watering Globe’ makes it a little bit easier. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen as it is small, compact, and keeps the self-grown green herbs close by so they can be added to any of your dishes.

The kit comes with seeds, plant food, and a self-watering pot. The basil seed grows using the soil-free farming technique called hydroponics. Consumers need to plant the seeds on the top area, add the plant food, and fill the globe-shaped pot; as the herb grows, it sits on top with its roots submerged in the water.

Consumers can purchase this low-maintenance Sweet Basil Self-Watering Globe on the Uncommon Goods website.

Image Credit: Uncommon Goods – Lifestyle Trends

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