Singer-Created Vegan Chocolates : vegan organic chocolate bar

Billie Eilish is a passionate vegan and this is reflected in products such as the singer’s cruelty-free fragrance and the new vegan organic chocolate bar available online. The Happier Than Ever Vegan Classic Chocolate Bar is made with 37% cocoa and 100% certified organic ingredients. Alongside cocoa butter, the vegan and kosher chocolate bar contains just a few simple ingredients like rice drink powder, tiger nut powder, hazelnut paste and sea salt.

The singer-created chocolate bar is paired with a recipe for Billie’s Buckeyes, which shows just one of the many ways that this chocolate treat can be worked into shareable desserts.

The Happier Than Ever Vegan Classic Chocolate Bar is packaged in a sustainable nature-flex foil wrapper made from sustainable raw materials, plus a cardboard box. – Lifestyle Trends

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