Shoppable Food-Based Ads : Meredith Corporation

American retail giant Walmart has teamed up with Meredith Corporation, a leading multi-platform media company, to deliver a cross-platform solution for promoting and selling food-related products and content.

The new platform aims to help busy families plan and prepare meals faster by implementing innovative AI-powered meal planning technology, alongside shippable recipes, visual search, chatbots, and more. The unique partnership combines Walmart’s massive customer reach and omnichannel presence with Meredith Coproations’s proprietary technology and food-focused expertise.

Together, the companies will launch a series of shoppable ad experiences that customers can engage with in order to plan meals and add recipe ingredients directly to their online Walmart carts. The cross-platform effort aims to “reimagine the shopping experience with highly personalized content and ad experiences that deliver unparalleled value every step of the way,” explained Corbin de Rubertis, senior vice president of Innovation at Meredith.

Image Credit: Walmart, Shutterstock – Lifestyle Trends

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