Seasonal Cereal-Crusted Pies : Milk Bar CinnaSwirl Pie

The Milk Bar CinnaSwirl Pie is being launched by the Manhattan-based bakery brand as a delicious new twist on a classic holiday pie. The pie is being launched by the brand as part of its The Milk Bar Holiday Lab program and is said to be something of a hybrid between a cinnamon bun and cheesecake. The crust of the pie is covered with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to add additional crunchiness and satisfy those with a penchant for familiar sweet treats.

The Milk Bar CinnaSwirl Pie is being made available online via the brand’s website at a price point of $52 for a whole pie, while patrons can also pick up a slice in New York City and Los Angeles for $7 each.

Image Credit: Milk Bar – Lifestyle Trends

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