Reusable Ceramic Coffee Filters : ceramic coffee filter

The Aritayaki Coffee Set, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, pairs a reusable ceramic coffee filter with a hand-made mug to deliver great-tasting and eco-friendly brews. Unlike some washable and reusable filters that can alter the taste of coffee over time, the LOCA Coffee Ceramic Filter removes harsh and unusual tastes and actually enhances the experience of drinking coffee. All the while making the experience of enjoying coffee more sustainable, the reusable filter draws from ancient Japanese technology for a design that’s waste-free.

The design of the hand-made mug in the set also shares the art of porcelain-making techniques from the Arita Area in Japan, as well as indigo ink dyeing. Optimized for the perfect coffee drinking experience, the handmade mug has just the right size. – Lifestyle Trends

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