Ready-to-Drink Aquas Frescas : Agua Bonita

Agua Bonita is revolutionizing the drinking experience of aguas frescas. Popular in Mexico, Central America, and parts of the US, the beverage is a non-alcoholic blend of one or more fruits, sugar, and water. The company is introducing “the first 100% real fruit, ready-to-drink aguas frescas” to the market.

Offered in strikingly modern packaging, Agua Bonita posts two distinct flavors—the Cucumber Agua Fresca (tart & minty) and the Watermelon Agua Fresca (sweet & spicy). The combination of cucumber and mint makes for a refreshing kick, especially during the mornings. The recipe is packed with potassium, iron, and Vitamin C. The watermelon flavor, which is elevated with “a dash of tart and the perfect hint of spice,” on the other hand, is excellent for post-workout as it charges the body with electrolytes, Vitamin C and A.

Image Credit: Agua Bonita – Lifestyle Trends

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