Quadruple-Aged Blended Whiskeys : blended whiskey

Dewar’s, a renowned brand of blended whiskeys and single malts owned by Bacardi, has launched a brand new product that joins the ranks of its venerable Double Double range, which has wowed whiskey connoisseurs and racked up prestigious industry awards around the world.

The Double Double 36 Year Old is a malt whiskey offering whose unique flavor is the product of a special quadruple aging process crafted by none other than Dewar’s master blender Stephanie MacLeod. The process comprises a four-stage process that involves individual malts being aged for 36 years apiece, before being blended and aged together in groups before being finished in Madeira casks.

Launching for a price of $1,800, this blended whiskey is expected to make a splash in the travel retail sector due to its exclusivity and premium flavor.

Image Credit: Dewar’s – Lifestyle Trends

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