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Many fast-food chains have implemented extensive QSR rewards programs to improve customer retention and satisfaction. McDonald’s has just launched its ‘MyMcDonald’s Rewards’ program to improve the way customers generate and redeem loyalty rewards.

The new system rewards customers with 100 points per $1 spent at McDonald’s, with an additional 5,000 point bonus on the member’s first purchase. Points can be redeemed for a range of products from 2,000 points for a Coffee, tea, or small snack, up to 14,000 points for a full-size burger meal.

MyMcDonald’s Rewards improves customer loyalty benefits across the board. Previously, McDonald’s loyalty rewards were limited to a free drink card after a certain amount of drink purchases. This new system improves the versatility of redeemable rewards. While this system may replace the previous drink-card system, members with existing drink rewards will have these automatically converted to 300 points per stamp.

Image Credit: McDonald’s – Lifestyle Trends

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