Premium Insect Protein Treats : protein dog treat

Seattle’s Pure Simple True teamed up with French insect protein processor Ÿnsect to create a unique protein dog treat that’s powered by an alternative protein source. The brand’s Bernie’s Tender Medallions dog treat line now includes Ÿnsect’s Molitor larvae protein, which is highly digestible, hypoallergenic and useful for reducing the risk of skin diseases.

The Bernie’s line by Pure Simple True features human-grade, whole-food ingredients and products that are packaged in recycled glass jars and containers.

Pure Simple True launched in 2020 as an ultra-premium and luxury food brand for dogs and it distinguishes itself as an exclusively e-commerce pet nutrition brand that controls its own production and supply chain. Jean-François Herve, chief executive officer of Pure Simple True, says “Pet parents are increasingly expecting highly nutritious and sustainable products for their companion animals.” – Lifestyle Trends

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