Premium Hot Chocolate Products : Starbucks Signature Chocolate

The Starbucks Signature Chocolate products are being launched by Nestlé and Starbucks as part of the At-Home Range to provide consumers with a flavorful option to enjoy from the comfort of their own living space. The new additions to the range includes the Starbucks Signature Chocolate 42% along with the Starbucks Signature Chocolate Salted Caramel, which are both characterized by their premium flavor profiles. The products will launch online as well as at Sainsbury’s starting September 12 with an additional launch into Asda on September 18 in the UK.

Nestlé UK Brand Manager Kelly Fleetwood commented on the launch of the new Starbucks Signature Chocolate products saying, “We are very excited to launch these new additions under the iconic Starbucks brand to be enjoyed at home. These delicious indulgent-tasting hot chocolates are made with high-quality cocoa certified by Rainforest Alliance, and we are confident they will be a big hit not only amongst Starbucks lovers.” – Lifestyle Trends

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