Peppercorn-Infused Italian Cheeses : Canestrato Pepato

If you’re looking for cheese with a little bit of a kick, Trader Joe’s new Canestrato Pepato fits the bill perfectly.

Trader Joe’s new Canestrato Pepato is a delicious new cheese made by an award-winning cheesemaker in Sardinia, Italy. This cheesemaker combines century-old practices with a modern production facility to turn pasturized sheep’s milk, salt, animal rennet, and cheese cultures into a rich and nutty cheese. The cheese is then infused with peppercorns, which give the already peppery cheese a milk kick.

To best enjoy the tasty new cheese, Trader Joe’s recommends using it in homemade Cacio e Pepe pasta recipes. And if you’re enjoying the cheese on its own, it makes the perfect pairing for a pint of pale ale.

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s – Lifestyle Trends

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