Normalcy-Themed Spring Fashion : nature is healing

Fashion label TOMBOGO introduces its new collection entitled ‘NATURE IS HEALING’ made for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. It honors the slow transition back to normalcy after the global pandemic affected everyone last year. The designs are a perfect blend of streetwear looks and elevated design.

The seasonal capsule was showcased in New York City’s Spring Studios and the runway was designed with a variety of different hour plants, metal shelving, and mirrored fences. It displayed many items including motorcycle helmets, wooden benches, and coffee table books. It stayed true to the brand’s design language, boasting utilitarian looks. The color palette includes earthy tones to give it a sense of versatility. Some notable silhouettes include the two-piece worker jacket and the pants to match.

Image Credit: Daarian Dicianno – Lifestyle Trends

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