Non-Alcoholic Botanical Beverages : Botanical Bubbly Reserve

DRY Soda Co., a company specializing in high-end non-alcoholic beverages, has debuted an all-new sparkling beverage line dubbed Botanical Bubbly Reserve. The new line consists of two sophisticated flavor complexes: Lavender 75 and Spiced Pear.

Both beverage options layer natural botanical extracts and flavors to create a unique non-alcoholic taste that intends to mimic the experience of enjoying alcohol. Perfect for weddings, holiday festivities, and celebratory toasts, these zero-proof bubbly’s offer consumers who are avoiding alcohol a satisfying alternative to champagnes and prosecco.

“Our cornerstone Botanical Bubbly line is perfect for everyday occasions, but we wanted to create something truly special and elevated that looks and tastes luxurious. Reserve is all this and more, and we’re excited to launch it just in time for the holiday season,” said Sharelle Klaus, Founder and CEO of DRY.

Image Credit: DRY – Lifestyle Trends

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