Mushroom-Infused Energy Capsules : Alchemi Mushrooms

Alchemi Mushrooms is a premium cultivator of medicinal mushrooms in California. The company aims to transform health and wellness with the power of mushrooms. Founded on an organic family farm, the nutrition company prides itself on giving customers full transparency from growth processes to product ingredients.

The company’s Energizing Mushroom Blend capsules are full of energy-balancing ingredients. It includes a blend of cordyceps mushrooms, matcha green tea, and invigorating herbs that support clean, long-lasting energy all day. Alchemi’s cordyceps blend contains 12 grams of caffeine and supports endurance for longer workouts and healthy muscle recovery. Moreover, matcha ingredients provide antioxidants, vitamins, and chlorophyll to help with detoxification. Other components include Ginseng, known for its immunity support, and Maca, suitable for mood-boosting.

Image Credit: Alchemi Mushrooms – Lifestyle Trends

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