Millennial-Focused Health Supplements : Hims & Hers

American pharmacy chain Walgreens has teamed up with telehealth brand Hims & Hers to expand its personal care products. The pharmacy will now provide shoppers access to a range of the Hims & Hers supplements and sexual health and wellness solutions, which up until now have been sold exclusively online via the brand’s website.

The products will be sold at over 7,000 Walgreens locations throughout the United States. The new collaboration supports Hims & Hers mission to “destigmatize health-related topics” by making personal care products and medications more accessible.

So far, the telehealth brand has made a name for itself by targeting younger generations, offering them a convenient and affordable solution for purchasing health-related supplements and medications. Now, by partnering with Walgreens, the company will continue to expand its reach — in particular, allowing it to make contact with a less digitally-inclined consumer.

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