Microdosing Mushroom Gummies : Mojo

Gwella Mushrooms, a company specializing in therapeutic mushroom-based products, has launched ‘Mojo,’ the world’s first legal mushroom microdosing gummy. Designed to enhance mindfulness and treat a range of psychological disorders, these innovative gummies utilize a range of natural ingredients including functional mushrooms and botanicals.

Formulated by a team of scientists and made from entirely natural ingredients, Mojo gummies intend to mimic the neurological experience of a psychedelic microdose. In doing so, the gummies are said to up uplift mood, increase ease of focus and mental sharpness, and provide balanced energy. The soft chews will provide users with over five hours of sustained effect with no crash or come down, making them a viable solution for those seeking alternative wellness methods.

Specific ingredients included in the gummies are bioactives such as Gingerroot and Lions Mane, as well mood boosters including Mucuna Pruriens Plant and Sam-E. For added energy and focus, they also include Slow-release caffeine, Panax Ginseng, L-theanine, and a proprietary blend of Nootropics.

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