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Respira Labs, a health tech company specializing in respiratory care, has announced the launch of Sylvee, an AI-powered chest wearable designed to assess users’ lung function.

According to the company, the product was initially created to assess COPD, COVID-19, and asthma patients but has since been further developed for general lung health monitoring. The device works by using embedded microphones and speakers that measure acoustic resonance as a proxy for changes in lung air volume. In other words, Sylvee sends noise into the lung and then measures the kind of sounds that that noise produces.

Sylvee is meant to be worn by patients on their lower rib cage and can be used all day long to monitor their lung function continuously. “Our goal is to flag abnormalities early, enable earlier treatment at home and empower patients to manage their health,” said a spokesperson from Respira Labs.

Image Credit: Respira Labs – Lifestyle Trends

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