Insulting Card Games : Winsults Roasting Card Game

Game enthusiasts don’t have to play nice when they play the ‘Winsults Roasting Card Game.’ The alphabetized card game lets players dish out their best roasts on each other to win the game. With prompts like ‘Audience Participation,’ a teamed-up roasting effort, the game is sure to add fuel to the fire at your next game night.

The game makers are Lanee Higgins and Davon Ford, a couple who loves joking around. The game was inspired by “Davon’s playful comedy roasting of Lanee on one fateful Valentine’s Day,” as the description mentions.

The Winsults Roasting Card Game is sure to get players thinking of creative ways to get under the skin of their opponents. Consumers can make their next game night an unforgettable one by purchasing the funny card game on the Uncommon Goods website.

Image Credit: Uncommon Goods – Lifestyle Trends

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