Inclusive Rebranded Rice Products : Ben’s Original

The Ben’s Original rice range has been introduced by Mars Food as an update to the previous Uncle Ben’s range in a bid to highlight inclusivity and a commitment to delivering high-quality ingredients.

The branding for the ride will feature the recognizable orange background featured on the previous packaging to make it easy for consumers to locate on store shelves. Consumers will be alerted to the updated product range via a TV commercial along with social content, in-store activations and outdoor advertising launching now through the coming weeks.

Global Chief Marketing Officer and Research and Development Officer at Mars Food Rafael Narvaez spoke further on the Ben’s Original rice range saying, “Ben’s Original is not just a name and packaging change – we believe everyone deserves to feel welcome, heard and have access to nutritious food. That is why we have committed to taking actions, that are based on insights of thousands of consumers, as well as our own associates, designed to enhance inclusion and equity in service of our new brand purpose to create meals, experiences and opportunities that offer everyone a seat at the table.” – Lifestyle Trends

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