Horned Villain Cereals : Loki Charms Cereal

On the same day that God of Mischief is set to release, there will be a limited number of Loki Charms cereal boxes that will be available to fans who are quick enough to get their hands on them. Fans can also try to be among the first to crack a special code to get the special cereal.

The breakfast cereal swaps one green, magical and mischievous character for another, as the horned villain replaces the familiar face of Lucky the Leprechaun. In addition to appearing on the box, an animated version of Loki can be seen in a short commercial for the marshmallow-filled breakfast cereal, which turns the usual box a darker shade.

As mischievous as Loki is, General Mills notes that “Thankfully, the cereal and marshmallows in the box were unaffected” in the takeover. – Lifestyle Trends

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