Healthy Dehydrated Fruit Snacks : Vibe Foods

Vibe Foods is a health-conscious snack brand specializing in dehydrated fruit and vegetable products. The company was launched under the family-run business Super Kale and has become a go-to brand for consumers seeking nutritious snack options.

Key to the brand’s success is its use of low-temperature dehydration, a unique process that works to reduce the moisture levels in fruit or vegetables while retaining the majority of their nutrients. Opting for low-temperature processing sets Vibe Foods apart from other healthy snack brands that rely on high temperatures to achieve dehydration; too much heat is known to destroy some of the valuable vitamins and minerals found in fruits and veggies.

Currently, Vibe Foods offers a wide range of delicious dehydrated food products, including Crunchy Beets and Apples, Crunchy BBQ Carrots, and Crunchy Kale. In addition to being sold online, all of Vibe Foods’ products are also available at major Canadian retailers, including Metro, Rachelle Béry, Provigo, IGA, and Avril Supermarché Santé.

Image Credit: Vibe Foods – Lifestyle Trends

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