Health-Focused Drinkable Ketones : H.V.M.N.

H.V.M.N. (Health Via Modern Nutrition) was co-founded by Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo to help consumers unlock their optimal metabolic state. The company created a beverage that activates the body to produce ketones without following a strict keto diet or fasting. The drinkable exogenous ketone elevates the body’s blood ketone levels without difficulty.

Dubbed the Ketone-IQ, the beverage activates ketone production to help enhance consumers’ health, longevity, and performance and follows the release of H.V.M.N.’s Ketone 1.0. Ketones are often described as the fourth macronutrient. They are a source of fuel for the body that transcends the traditional macronutrient categories of fat, protein, and carbs. H.V.M.N.’s beverage will help users sustain energy, boost endurance, facilitate recovery, enhance mental clarity, and help easily control appetite.

Image Credit: H.V.M.N. – Lifestyle Trends

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