Grain-Free Graham Crackers : Grain-Free Graham Crackers

Pamela’s Products makes Chocolate Chip Grahams, Cinnamon Grahams, Honey Grahams and now, grain-free graham crackers. The all-new Grain-Free Honey Grahams speak to those with gluten sensitivities, or those who prefer too avoid grains, and crackers are just as versatile as ever. These grain-free graham crackers can be enjoyed for snacks and desserts and they are made from a simple formula of coconut, almond and cassava flour, honey and molasses.

These graham crackers are not just free from grains but also eggs, corn, soy, nuts and high fructose corn syrup, plus
artificial flavors and additives.

Fans of S’mores, pie crusts, ice cream sandwiches and more can now enjoy a simple way to indulge without worrying about grains in the ingredients. – Lifestyle Trends

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