Gourmet Chicken Salad Sandwiches : Chicken Salad Sandwich

While virtually every fast food brand now servers some version of a fried chicken sandwich, Chick N Max is shaking things up with a new Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Chick N Max is a Wichita-based chain that aims to be the home of a “Better Chicken Sandwich.” The brand’s latest offering is its Chicken Salad Sandwich, which combines smoked chicken salad with lettuce, seasoned tomato, and pickled red onions – all served on a potato bun. As Chick N Max’s culinary director and chef Chef Robert Kabakoff explains, “The new sandwich not only surpasses the high standards for flavor that our customers have come to expect from Chick N Max, but the comforting combination of ingredients create a great sandwich that is the perfect start to the summer season.”

Image Credit: Chick N Max – Lifestyle Trends

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