Functional Pineapple Juices : Dole Fruitify

Dole is expanding its product portfolio with Dole Fruitify, the first line of tropical juice drinks from the brand with functional ingredients like green tea and turmeric. The beverages come in at less than 100 calories per can and they boast 65% juice with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The drinks can be enjoyed as a source of Vitamin C and they help to support immunity with refreshing flavors like Glow, Replenish and Energize. While Glow pairs pineapple and mango juice with turmeric, Replenish elevates the tropical taste of pineapple with coconut water. Rounding out the trio, Energize gets its name from combining pineapple juice with invigorating green tea.

With Dole Fruitify, the brand speaks to consumers who are looking to support their health, lifestyle and the well-being of the planet. – Lifestyle Trends

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