Fruity Sour Ales : sour ale

Bellwoods Brewery, based in Toronto, has launched a brand new sour ale that is designed to function as a fruitier and juicier version of its hugely popular ale.

The Ratclops Pale Ale has been hopped with simcoe, loral and citra hops. However, it has a lot more to offer than merely bitter hop flavors due to the fact that it throws up sweetly sour pineapple, clementine as well as hints of stone fruit.

With an alcohol percentage of 5.6 percent, the Ratclops Pale Ale is a fine example of a sour ale that will not only appeal to experienced aficionados of the sour and pale ale genres, but is also more than capable of promising an eminently crushable beer drinking experience to all and sundry.

Image Credit: Bellwoods Brewery – Lifestyle Trends

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