Frozen Plant-Based Food Products : First Pride products

These new First Pride products are being launched in Asia Pacific by Tyson Foods to provide consumers with an alternative option to try out in place of existing chicken, fish and beef products.

The products will feature a plant-based recipe that will include such varieties as nuggets, bites and strips that are all frozen and crafted with a number of regionally sourced ingredients. This includes soy protein, bamboo fiber and wheat protein.

President of Tyson Foods APAC Tan Sun boasted about the new First Pride products saying, “We’re thrilled to offer Asia Pacific consumers more high-quality protein choices as they explore flexitarian diets. The Asian market is a natural fit for this category with traditional plant-based products like tofu already entrenched in the culture. The key to meeting consumer preferences with new plant-based protein is through innovation and making locally relevant products that taste great, which is our expertise.” – Lifestyle Trends

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