Frozen Dairy-Free Dessert Bites : dessert bites

As an alternative to frozen vegan desserts that’s served by the pint, Cecily’s created dairy-free dessert bites that are perfectly portioned. The Vanilla & Dark Choc Lovely Little Bites contain just 84 calories per serving of three bites and they share a creamy center of coconut milk-based ice cream that’s enrobed in chocolate.

The snackable dairy-free mini bites set themselves apart from other frozen desserts that require a spoon to be eaten, or take the form of messy handheld items. A container shares 18 mini bites, which promise to be perfect for snacks and desserts when the desire for something sweet hits.

These bites join the brand’s range of dairy-free ice cream pints and explore a different way for ice cream lovers to enjoy a decadent treat at home. – Lifestyle Trends

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