Flavorful Immune-Boosting Drinks : Super DC

Gustro Drinks has launched a new health-focused drink brand called Super DC, which will be made available in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK. The new immune-boosting drinks will be delivered in two tart and tangy flavors: ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘Blackcurrant & Elderberry.’

Chockfull of beneficial nutrients, these all-natural supplement drinks are intended to be used for daily immune support. Both flavors include high-strength vitamin C and D, blended with vitamins A and K, alongside Zinc and folic acid. All of these essential ingredients are then combined with real fruit juice to create a highly enjoyable beverage.

“Super DC will ensure you hit your daily reference intake of vitamins D and C and can be enjoyed as your one a day immune support boost, on the go or from the breakfast table as part of your daily routine,” said Will Fugard, Gusto Drinks CEO.

Image Credit: Gusto Drinks – Lifestyle Trends

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