Fitness-Focused Gaming Wearables : quell

‘Morrama’ is a London-based innovation agency that has designed the ‘Quell,’ a combination of gaming wearables that immerse the user in a digital world. The Quell includes controllers, a chest unit, a belt, two wrist wraps, and resistance bands. Through each of these wearables, the user will be given a complete fitness routine powered by haptic feedback.

When wearing the Quell it connects to a television to show the fitness video game that is being played. The player will then have to physically run, punch, dodge, jump, and perform various fitness-focused activities in order to progress the video game. The haptic feedback integration allows the user to feel what is happening in the game while the resistance bands increase the quality of the workout through strength training. With Quell, players can truly feel what it would be like to be the protagonist of a video game while improving their own personal health.

Image Credit: Quell – Lifestyle Trends

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