Fermented Black Garlic Seasonings : Ground Fermented Black Garlic

Trader Joe’s wants to help you upgrade your spice rack with the debut of its new Ground Fermented Black Garlic seasoning.

When garlic is fermented, it turns soft, black, and a bit sweet. This means that that classic garlic flavor becomes richer, sweeter, and more complex. And this is the exact flavor that Trader Joe’s has managed to capture with its new Ground Fermented Black Garlic seasoning.

Trader Joe’s Ground Fermented Black Garlic is a surprisingly versatile seasoning that makes an excellent addition to everything from soups to grilled meats. This means that even something as simple as simple stove top mac & cheese can become a gourmet dish with just a little sprinkle of this fermented black garlic mixture. Best of all, you can score this fancy seasoning for less than $5.

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s – Lifestyle Trends

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