Fashion-Forward Wearable Vases : Wearable Vase

Epitomizing summer extravagance, the wearable vase from ZHENI Studio offers consumers on-the-go plant-powered peace in a stylish and portable format. The vase is designed to enhance the wearer’s character by suggesting a simplistic sophistication gleaned from the bizarre item. The wearable vase allows consumers to carry nature with them as they go about their days, instilling the wearer with a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Ceramic designer Evgeniia Kazarezova of ZHENI Studio developed the wearable vase out of stoneware clay. The glazed white exterior is the ideal color complement to any greenery stored within its ribbed body. The wearable vase can be worn like a backpack by donning the adjustable leather harness for ease of use. The novelty item acts as a fashion-forward outfit accessory and can be easily dangled for display with its strap system.

Image Credit: Hypebeast / ZHENI Studio – Lifestyle Trends

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