Exclusive Camping Merch : Welcome to Bear Country

Grateful Dead and Parks Project have come together to create the appropriately named camping collection – ‘Welcome to Bear Country”.

The ‘Welcome to Bear Country’ collection, “is inspired by the spirit of adventure, good times with friends soaking in the great outdoors, and the tunes that keep us moving and grooving.” It features Grateful Dead’s iconic ‘dancing bears’ doing camp-related activities on various camping equipment. The collection includes a blanket, a packable camp chair, a dad hat, a tie-dye beanie, as well as an enamel dish set.

Every purchase from Parks Project supports national parks across the United States as its, “goal is to protect and preserve parklands.” The ‘Welcome to Bear Country’ collection supports the Sierra Club, “the largest grassroots environmental organization in the U.S.”

The collection is available for online purchase on the Parks Project website.

Image Credit: Parks Project – Lifestyle Trends

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