Ethically Sourced QSR Cold Brews : Tim Hortons cold brew

Tim Hortons Cold Brew is coming to the Canadian-founded coffee chain’s menu for the first time this spring, giving customers a new flavorful iced coffee option that they can enjoy in the hot weather.

The chain uses “100 percent ethically sourced premium Arabica beans” to make its Cold Brew, which is steeped for 16 hours prior to serving to give it a full-bodied flavor. The Tim Hortons Cold Brew can be ordered without any dairy or sweeteners, as a Double Double, or in a Vanilla Cream variation.

Tim Hortons CMO Hope Bagozzi spoke to the news, stating “Whether it’s to start their day, to enjoy on an afternoon break, or to beat the heat, we’ve become known for our Iced Capps® and many guests love our classic coffee flavor on ice. We’re so excited for everyone to experience our new Cold Brew, it’s a must-try for coffee lovers.”

Image Credit: Tim Hortons

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