Essential Oil Inhalers : Essential Oil Inhalers

Kiff is a wooden essential oil inhaler created by Slovenia partners Matej and Žan. The pair worked to create a healthier alternative to many of the current systems on the market that overly relies on artificial substances and single-use plastic. Kiff was created to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic and harmful chemicals in this space.

Kiff is a non-electronic wooden essential oil inhaler made from quality and sustainable Slovenian wood. Inhaling essential oils through Kiff brings mood enhancement, congestion relief, respiratory support and helps users quit smoking and vaping. Thanks to its small and compact design, you can take advantage of essential oils on the go.

Kiff will officially launch on Kickstarter on September 21st, 2021. The brand is driven by a simple idea – to help people with smoking addiction and mitigate stressful lifestyles.

Image Credit: Kiff – Lifestyle Trends

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