Dried Fish Sushi Restaurants : lucky robot

Lucky Robot is a Japanese restaurant based in Austin and it embodies a unique standard when it comes to its fish. It celebrates traditional practices and looks for dry-aged fish. Chef Jay Huang explains that “fresh fish is boring, bland, and crunchy.” He claims to be the first chef in Texas to bring dry-aged fish to the city.

The century-old practice comes from Japanese heritage, used to create tender seafood. Historically, sushi chefs age fish fillets between kombu sheets for 24 hours — this is known as kombujime. Lucky Robot has temperature-controlled cabinets to dry-age its fish, blurring the gap between science and traditional processes. Huang explains that to create a better eating experience, “time and enzymatic action relax the muscles and transform amino acids into flavor molecules.”

Image Credit: Lucky Robot – Lifestyle Trends

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