Dad-Celebrating Ice Cream Cakes : Father’s Day cake

These Baskin-Robbins Father’s Day cakes are being launched by the ice cream brand for 2021 to offer families and kids alike with a way to treat dad this year. The cakes come in the form of the Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoop Cake and The Cold One Cake, which are both crafted with your choice of several different ice creams in the mix. The Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoops Cake puts Oreo ingredients in the spotlight, while The Cold One Cake is shaped like a frosty mug of beer for a fun, themed treat.

The Baskin-Robbins Father’s Day cakes are arriving alongside a discount promotion that will provide patrons at participating locations with $5 off cakes of $30 or more throughout the month of June.

Image Credit: Baskin-Robbins – Lifestyle Trends

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