Creamy Plant-Based Dressings : Gotham Greens dressings

These new Gotham Greens dressings from the US-based brand are focused on providing consumers with a familiar yet lifestyle-focused option to incorporate into their favorite recipes.

The dressings come in the form of the Vegan Caesar and the Vegan Ranch, which are both crafted without any sugar in the mix and greenhouse-grown basil. Each of the dressings are packed with premium ingredients that perfectly incorporate the various flavors and nuances of the originals.

Co-Founder and CEO Viraj Puri explained the new Gotham Greens dressings further saying, “We know and love that consumers are increasingly gravitating toward more plant-based diets for the sake of their health and the environment. From day one, we set out to reimagine a greener food system — one that is committed to environmental impact and changing the way people think about growing and eating greens. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this mission with cleaner, greener versions of two of the most iconic and nostalgic American favourites: ranch and Caesar.”

Image Credit: Gotham Greens – Lifestyle Trends

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