Consumer-Driven Readymade Meals : The Chef readymade meals

The Henderson Wholesale The Chef readymade meals range has been revamped by the brand in response to consumer demand to help provide them with a delicious, nutritious and easy way to enjoy a high-quality meal at home.

The range was grown to include six new products including two Under 500 Calorie options to make it as hyper-targeted towards consumer preferences as possible. The update to the meal range comes after a surge in demand over the past year as consumers seek out ready-to-eat meals made with fresh ingredients.

Fresh Food Director Neal Kelly spoke on the updated Henderson Wholesale The Chef readymade meals saying, “Shoppers are looking for those simple yet full of flavour solutions to give themselves a night off cooking and our retailers are experiencing the benefit of that because they are choosing to shop locally instead of travel to larger supermarkets. The range encompasses handmade mains and sides, meals for one and well-rounded Under 500 calorie meals as a nutritious lunch option, all using flavours from around the world, made with the best ingredients in collaboration with local suppliers.” – Lifestyle Trends

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