Celebrity-Backed Health Wearables : celebrity backed health wearable

‘Oura,’ the health and wellness company, has launched its third-generation Oura ring, a celebrity-backed health wearable. The first Oura ring launched in 2015 with the primary goal of tracking sleep and minor health metrics. Now, in 2021, the third-generation Oura ring tracks everything from heart rate patterns to potential health risks. On top of that, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel have been outspoken about their love for the Oura ring.

The third-generation Oura ring monitors blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns, sleep quality, daily activity, body temperatures over time, and even period patterns. The Oura ring pairs with a smartphone app, which is available in a standard edition for free or in a premium edition for $6 a month, which provides more detailed health metrics. Oura adds more features to its ring on each release while simultaneously improving on the physical design. The third-generation Oura ring is available in silver, black, gold, and matte-black styles.

Image Credit: Oura – Lifestyle Trends

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