Celeb-Backed Vegan Dairy Products : bettermoo(d)

Canadian rockstar Bryan Adams has partnered with Vancouver-based vegan dairy company bettermoo(d) to champion the benefits of a plant-based diet and promote sustainability in the global food system.

Though Adams is a founding member of bettermoo(d), he has joined the brand as a more active amabassador as they work to develop a new line of vegan dairy products. In addition, Adams hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of responsible eating habits, which he believes is the key to improving individual health and the world’s health.

bettermoo(d)’s first plant-based dairy product, ‘Moodrink,’ blends herbs, vegetables, and organic oats to replicate the taste and texture of cow’s milk. According to the company, the product will launch nationwide in Canada this winter. – Lifestyle Trends

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