Cannabis-Enhanced Seltzers : enhanced seltzer

LOKI Enhanced Seltzer is the first of its kind to be made with cannabinoid extract Delta-8, meaning that the product offers a clean alternative to alcohol. The product is free from sugar and carbs, and it’s low in calories so that adults can feel good about enjoying an alternate kind of seltzer.

Powered by five active ingredients, LOKI Enhanced Seltzer boasts a simple formula that lets people enjoy their favorite drinking experiences in a new way. While most cannabis users experience the effects if Delta-9, LOKI chose to work with the more isolated and rarer Delta-8, a lesser-known natural element of the plant. As the brand describes, “Delta-8 offers consumers a far lower psychotropic potency, while still giving [people] the ability to immerse in prolonged and enjoyable moments. No hangover, no paranoia, no lack of clarity.”

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