Bourbon Home Party Kits : Brain Brew Custom Whiskey

Brain Brew Custom Whiskey created a fun and interactive way for people to learn about the history of whiskey, experience award-winning bourbons and create their own recipes. The WoodCraft Custom Bourbon Home Party Kit shares the essentials for four adults to set up a placemat, mixing cups and set aside their tasting journal. There’s an interactive video that helps to kick-start the journey and it takes drinkers back to the time of 1800 where bourbon was born.

In the 1800s, known as the Golden Age of American Bourbon, bourbon used to be customized to the tastes of individuals. Now, drinkers can recreate this experience from the comfort of home, with friends, and gain a newfound appreciation for bourbon over the course of about 45 to 90 minutes. – Lifestyle Trends

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