Asian Plant-Based Jerky : UNLIMEAT

A new Kickstarter campaign was recently launched for a plant-based meat company from Korea and with it, UNLIMEAT is on a mission to bring its plant-based jerky to the United States. With its crowdfunding campaign, UNLIMEAT is on a mission to introduce its plant-based jerky as the first Korean-made Asian flavor to the US market.

UNLIMEAT plant-based jerky sold out immediately on its April launch in Korea and the product is made with ingredients like non-GMO soy protein, wheat protein, and others to replicate the chewy experience of the popular meat snack.

UNLIMEAT launched with plant-based Korean BBQ made from upcycled food and since then it has expanded its plant-powered line to include alternatives in the form of pulled pork, mince, burger patties, meatballs, cheese, and dumplings. – Lifestyle Trends

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