Antioxidant-Rich Cherry Concentrates : cherry concentrate

Cheribundi Concentrate is a new tart cherry concentrate that’s packed with antioxidants and full of benefits to support recovery on the go. The premium tart cherry juice is blended and concentrated with a proprietary process and it makes it easy to enjoy the most antioxidant-rich superfruit in the world.

Made with tart cherry juice and tart cherry juice concentrate, the 2.5-ounce pouch contains the equivalent to 40 tart cherries. Cheribundi Concentrate is ready to consume on its own or it can be blended with water or a smoothie.

The brand’s newest product boasts two times the antioxidant benefits of any other Cheribundi product and it speaks to active individuals who need support on the go, especially when it comes to repairing muscle tissue and minimizing exercise-induced muscle damage. – Lifestyle Trends

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