Age-Specific Pet Probiotics : Chr. Hansen

International food ingredients manufacturer Chr. Hansen has introduced a new line of live probiotic solutions for cats and dogs. The latest offering includes three probiotic technologies that target the specific life stages of your pet: early development, adulthood, and geriatric.

PET-PROSTART is a comprehensive probiotic technology formulated especially for young puppies and kittens, while PET-PROESSENTIALS is a formulation designed to support the health and wellbeing of adult dogs and cats. Meanwhile, PET-PROVITAL was created for pets ages seven and older, catering to their more senior needs.

All three probiotic offerings are not standalone products but manufactured cultures that pet care brands can incorporate into their products.

“By adding probiotics, live bacteria that positively interact with the microbiome and the  pet’s digestive tract, we can support normal health and well-being of pets,” said Lidiia Alaverdova, DVM, senior global product manager of pet health and nutrition at Chr. Hansen.

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