Activewear-Oriented Deodorizing Sprays : Hex Deodorizing Spray

Summer is coming and the Hex Deodorizing Spray is here to make sure the sweaty days ahead don’t get you down.

HEX Performance was founded by a professional lacrosse player named Drew Westervelt, who struggled to get rid of the harmful bacteria and overpowering odor that sticks to synthetic fabrics and athletic clothing. The brand’s latest product is an odor-eliminating spray that can be used on activewear, and just about anything else you might sweat on like shoes and yoga mats. With just a few spritzes, the product’s powerful deodorizing formula works to pull odors out of garments. But while the Hex Deodorizing Spray is tough on smells, it’s actually quite gentle on the skin. The spray is fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin because it’s both hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Image Credit: HEX Performance – Lifestyle Trends

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