Accessibility-Focused Induction Stovetops : The Ugo

The Ugo stovetop is specifically designed for blind and visually impaired communities. A mix of ergonomic and tactile design elements went into making Cookware’s accessible stovetop. The goal is to re-orient appliances away from minimalism, as minimalistic products often lack sensory components.

Designer Dorian Famin created Ugo as a two-part induction stovetop. The portable design boasts haptic dials and an overall ergonomic build to facilitate its use among visually impaired folks. A chunky stove dial clicks into place when turned to the right which also helps to guide the user’s sense of touch to the stovetop’s main power function. In addition, the Ugo features wide handles for safe transportation. Moreover, recorded voice commands recite step-by-step recipes to users.

Image Credit: Dorian Famin – Lifestyle Trends

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